Mystery Spot in Lake George NY

There is a mysterious place in Lake George NY which has spread around the internet. Is it Supernatural? Man-made? Coincidence? Or just Luck? You decide. Take the short trip up to Lake George and try the Mystery Spot out for yourself.


When you stand in a specific place in downtown Lake George whatever you speak is echoed back to you. This acoustic phenomenon has been making people wonder if it is fact or fiction and of course, what is the cause?

It is pretty easy to find The Mystery Spot! Take your time walking around the beautiful small town, looking at all the shops and food places. Soon you will find the Lake George Visitor Center on the corner of Canada Street (Route 9) and Beach Road. Just east of the Visitor Center Building is a large sitting area with benches and a beautiful stone wall. As you walk to the benches you will see a large blue lake painted on the concrete patio. Town of Lake George is depicted in the cement compass next to the painted Lake George Lake.


You’ll notice what look like railroad tracks inset in the concrete. These tracks form a compass on the ground running North, South, East and West and converge together in the middle.

X really does mark the spot here in Lake George. You will see that the metal of the X is more worn than the rest. Here is the mystery spot.

Stand right there, on the X and face Lake George. Then say something. Loud or quiet. What do you hear? It’s really cool.



Of course we had to experiment. If you move away from the spot, you don’t hear the echo. If someone stands close to you they can hear your echo, but when they talk it does not echo. (Ok, the person next to you does echo if they are unbelievably close to you. Like cheek to cheek close.) If you turn in any other direction, you do not hear the echo.

On the ground near the painting of the lake are these small round metal discs with a town on each one. The discs represent the towns around Lake George. The painted lake with the discs around it depicting the towns is cool by itself.

So, what causes this strange acoustic phenomenon?

Some people think that the echo is simply your voice bouncing off the rock wall that is behind the benches. But if that’s the case wouldn’t a voice create the echo standing anywhere in front of the stone wall? Why does it only work in that one place?

If you look it up online, you will read about a legend tells of a Native American God who stood on that spot to share his wisdoms with the mountains, lake and landscape. Or maybe he created the spot to increase the sound of his voice so when he spoke all could hear.

Or maybe it’s just a really cool place to stand and enjoy some fun acoustics in a wonderful place in the middle of a lovely small town. Whichever you believe, go check it out. It’s cool not matter what the cause.

So what do you think? Have you visited the Mystery Spot in Lake George? What’s your theory on the acoustic phenomenon? Tell us all about your experiences in the comments below!

Thanks for reading. I hope this helps!  :o)

Budweiser Clydesdales Welcomed at Saratoga Springs


Saratoga Springs isn’t just for Race Horses!

The beautiful, handsome, huge Budweiser Clydesdales are visiting the Saratoga Springs area in mid-August.Budweiser Clydesdale Truck

They are spending time at the Warming Hut in the Saratoga State Park for the Stable Viewing. Then a few appearances around Saratoga including Lake George, Troy and the Altamont Fair.

The Warming Hut is located right off Avenue of the Pines close to the Broadway entrance. Look for Clydesdales signs with arrows pointing to where to turn. Visiting these amazing horses is free. Budweiser Clydesdales Stable 1

There are stables set up for all the horses where visitors can walk around and see them all. There is plenty of parking in front of the Warming Hut and in the grass areas around it. Visitors can walk around and view the horses, the truck, and the carriage the horses pull for appearances.Budweiser Clydesdales Stable 2





Here’s what the Budweiser Clydesdales’ schedule looks like:

Aug 16, 10 am – 7 pm – Stable Viewing
Aug 17, 10 am – 5 pm – Stable Viewing
Aug 18, 10 am – 2 pm – Stable Viewing

Aug 18, 4 pm – Full Hitch Appearance, Lake George, NY

Aug 19, 10 am – 5 pm – Stable Viewing

Aug 19, 6 pm – Full Hitch Appearance, SPAC Grounds

Aug 20, 10 am – 12 pm – Stable Viewing

Aug 20, 2:30 pm – Full Hitch Appearance, Altamont Fair

Aug 21, 10 am – 1:30 pm – Stable Viewing

Aug 21, 3:30 pm – Full Hitch Appearance, Troy Valley Cats Baseball Game

After visiting here the horses are off to the Philadephia, PA area. So whether you like the Thoroughbred Racing or the Beautiful Budweiser Clydesdales, Saratoga is definitely a great place for horses this August!

Did you visit the Budweiser Clydesdales while they were here? Where did you see them? Share your pics on Facebook! Tell us what you thought in the comments.

Thanks for reading! I hope this helps! :o)

Everything you Need to Know to Play Pokemon Go in Saratoga Springs

Pokemon Go! is rocking and rolling in Saratoga Springs! We have learned some things about the game that we want to share with other Trainers in the area.

Power Drains Quickly, Plan Ahead

Pokemon Go is an awesome App and great fun to play. And because of that, it drains your battery very quickly. Carrying a fully charged power brick with you as you play is a great way to keep your phone on while you’re walking around. You can buy extra batteries for some devices and switch them out as they get low. Get a good car charger and charge while you are driving to favorite Pokestop or while sitting in the car.

Up Your Trainer LevelCatch Pokemon XP

As you gain XP you will level up your Trainer level. You can get XP in different ways:

  • Each Pokestop gives you 50xp, even if your backpack is full
  • Each Pokemon you catch gives you 100 XP
  • You can get extra XP for skillful throws (nice, great, curve ball)
  • If the Pokemon you catch is new to your Pokedex you get more XP
  • Each Pokemon you Evolve gives you 500 XP

Getting Stardust

  • Each time you catch a Pokemon you gain 100 Stardust
  • Different Pokemon require different amounts of Stardust to level up
  • Gain Stardust from Evolving Pokemon and Hatching Eggs
  • Gain Stardust from Battling Gyms
  • Stardust is universal and is used on any Pokemon

Poke Gyms will be 1 of 4 colors

  • Blue – the Gym is owned by Trainers in Team Mystic
  • Yellow – the Gym is owned by Trainers in Team Instinct
  • Red – the Gym is owned by Trainers in Team Valor
  • Gray – the Gym is unowned or just been beaten
    • you can try to get one of your Pokemon in the Gym quickly and take it over

Training your Pokemon

If you are on the team of the Gym color you can go into your gym and train. This means you get to battle against the Pokemon placed in the gym. Battling the Pokemon in your gym will not hurt them or reduce their HP. It will, however, reduce yours. Be sure to use a potion after training in a gym to keep your Pokemon at full health. Training in a gym of your color will help the gym become stronger.

If there is space in your gym, place one of your favorite or powerful Pokemon in there. You will get 10 coins for placing a Pokemon, pick those up by clicking the Shop and clicking the shield in the top right corner. You can only collect coins every 21 hours.

Battling your Pokemon

If you find a Gym that is NOT your color, you can hop in and battle. When you begin the battle the game will automatically choose your 6 highest level Pokemon. You can change them if you want. Then press GO and start your battle. You will battle each Pokemon in the Gym. If one of your Pokemon faints, the next in the list will automatically jump in.

If you defeat all the Pokemon in the Gym you can claim the Gym as your own. You need to place a Pokemon with FULL HEALTH in the Gym. If your most powerful Pokemon just did the battling, go to your items, choose a potion and click the Pokemon with low health until it is full again. Then you can place it in the Gym.

Pink Confetti Means the Pokestop is LuredLured Pokestop

Lures can only be placed on a Pokestop. The idea is that for 30 minutes Pokemon will be drawn to that Pokestop. Hang out by a Lured Pokestop and wait to see who appears. The Pokemon being Lured will not show in the Nearby Window but just appear. You can place one of your Lures or enjoy the benefits of someone else’s Lure.

Walk Around to get the most from an Incense

You can enable an Incense which will draw Pokemon to you and you alone. The best way to utilize an Incense is to walk around. If you just stand still it doesn’t seem to bring the Pokemon to you as well as when you walk. We have not found any benefit to hanging out near a Lured Pokestop while Incensed.

Broadway and Congress Park area Poke-Heaven for Trainers in Saratoga Springs! There seems to always be Lured Pokestops in downtown Saratoga as well as multiple Gyms to try your skills or train your Pokemon. Check out our other posts about the Best Places to Find Pokemon and what Pokemon Go is like in downtown Saratoga Springs.

Thanks for reading! I hope this helps! :o)

Pokemon Go at Saratoga Springs Race Course

Pokemon Go at Saratoga Race Course, is really Pokemon No

Saratoga Track Season: the busy 6 weeks in July and August where the environment of Saratoga Springs changes into a hugely busy tourist town welcoming visitors from all over.

Track season is upon us. How does track season play into the Pokemon Go fun? The answer is, it really doesn’t. It is hard to find Pokemon inside the gates of the Saratoga Springs Race Course. You would think that Pokemon and Horses would go well together, but here they just don’t.

There are 3 Pokestops at the Saratoga Race Track:

Saratoga Springs Race Course Entrance Sign

This Pokestop can be reached from Union Street while walking or driving by. The large Saratoga Springs Race Track sign in the front of the track is a Pokestop. Since there are often kids in front of the gates selling waters during track season, this Pokestop is often Lured.Historic Saratoga Race Course Entrance Sign

Stepping Stone Flower Pot

There are 2 stepping stones with flowers in the Saratoga Race Course Park. The one you want is near Gate A. If you walk through Gate A and continue towards the Grandstands there is a large vase of flowers on the right. The vase and the rock platform it sits on is a Pokestop. If you are coming from somewhere else in the park, the Pokestop is in front of the Grandstand, near the Time Warner Pavilion and near Gate A.


The Big Red Spring

Another Pokestop at the Saratoga Springs Rack Course is the Big Red Spring. This spring is in the far corner of the backyard of the track behind the Paddock area. It is believed that taking a sip from the Big Red Spring will bring you good luck. I have found some tasty springs in Saratoga, this is NOT one of them.

Big Red Spring Pokemon Go Stop

Catching Pokemon at Saratoga Race Course

Empty Nearby Pokemon at Saratoga Race Course

As for catching Pokemon, you can’t. When walking through the Race Course area, there are no moving leaves, no Pokemon popping up and the nearby list is nearly always completely blank.

The only time Pokemon appear (for me) at the Saratoga Race Course is when someone puts a Lure on one of the Pokestops. The Pokestops are Lured often and I have caught Poliwags and a Goldeen.

Let us know what Pokemon you have seen or caught in the Saratoga Race Course? Is your nearby blank? Can you only find Pokemon when there is a Lure set? Help all your fellow trainers by leaving us info in the comments!

Thank for reading! I hope this helps! :o)

Top 5 Best Places to Find Pokemon in the Saratoga Springs Area

Saratoga Springs is a hot spot for playing Pokemon Go! There are many awesome Pokemon sites in the Saratoga Area. There is an overwhelming amount of Poke Stops all down Broadway and in the State Parks.

I know, you are looking for the Pokemon! Here is a list of top five places in Saratoga to find the Pokemon you are looking for (in no particular order):

Congress Park

There are too many Pokestops in Congress Park to count and it’s not hard to find some with an active Lure. What does that mean? You are more likely to find cool Pokemon in the area around the Pokestop. Congress Park is a big, beautiful area with benches, memorials, springs, and of course, a carousel. So many Pokestops, so little time.

Magmar’s are known to hang out in the upper area of the park closer to Broadway.


Bellsprout - Congress Park
Bellsprout caught at the Deer Park Spring in Congress Park, Saratoga Springs.


Evee - WW Memorial - Congress Park
Evee at the World War Memorial Pavilion in Congress Park, Saratoga Springs.



Find the Ballet Shoes and Horses that live on the sidewalks of Broadway in downtown Saratoga Springs. In front of shops and restaurants, you will find wild Pokemon hanging out in Saratoga.

The Saratoga Springs Visitor Center right across from Congress Park is there to help out Trainers. There is a Pokestop right in front of the building and public restrooms available during business hours. Check out their FaceBook Page for more events coming up.

Great Escape in Lake George

This famous Saratoga Area amusement park is proud to present visitors with Poke Information. Inside the Great Escape there are 4 gyms and 15 Pokestops. The Great Escape has an informative web page with everything the Pokemon Trainer needs to know to enjoy a day at the park and a day of catching Pokemon.

Don’t go too far after the park has closed. Be sure to visit Martha’s Ice Cream which is right across the street where Trainer’s can awesome ice cream. Just be careful, the cone sizes are bigger than expected! You may still be able to grab the Pokestop near the front of the Great Escape Park.

Shelly Craver with newly caught Pikachu!

Shelly Craver with newly caught Pikachu!

Stewarts in Ballston Spa

On the corner of Ballston Ave/Double Day Ave and Northline Rd on the way into Ballston Spa is a known spot for catching Pokemon. I caught this awesome Pikachu in the bank parking lot across the street!

Lake George Outlets

Driving around the outlet centers in Lake George is a sure way to catch Pokemon. Be careful driving to the various outlets and watch for shoppers and other Trainers. After the stores close is safer and much less crowded.

The outlet malls and plazas span a good mile on Route 9 and include stores, restaurants, and gas stations throughout. So many places to look for Pokemon!

I have not ventured into the heart of Lake George searching for Pokemon, have you? Where are your favorite places in the Saratoga Area to find and catch Pokemon? Do you agree with this top 5? Let us know in the comments! Be sure post your pictures on our FaceBook page and let us know where you found our little friends!

Thanks for reading! I hope it helps! :o)

Pokemon Go! Saratoga Springs Style

Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

Saratoga Springs is an awesome place to play Pokemon Go! Just walking down Broadway or a stroll through Congress Park will show you why.

Pokemon Go! Pokestops in Saratoga

The algorithm of the location of Pokestops is specific places and especially monuments. Have you seen those ballet slippers and horse statues in downtown Saratoga? Well, they are ALL Pokestops. The special signs that explain what history happened in the area? Pokestops! All the Springs? Pokestops!

Broadway Is Pokestop HeavenBroadway

If you play Pokemon Go and you’re running low on Poke Balls, downtown Saratoga is a gold mine! And don’t forget, Pokestops reset after 5 minutes. So by the time you walk one way down Broadway, you can turn around and get all the Pokestops again.

Remember, before walking around downtown Saratoga Springs, put an egg in your incubator. Before you know it, you will finish your 2.0 km or 5.0 km and your new Pokemon will hatch.

Congress Park

Saratoga is the Mother Lode for Pokemon Go. Last night, 10:00 pm on a Tuesday night, there were teens, young adults and old adults walking and talking to each other in Congress Park. The camaraderie was impressive. Young and old, couples and groups of friends … Everyone had their faces glowing from their screens, standing under the stars, walking around on a beautiful night. “Hey, over here, I found a level 238 Magmar!”

Every time we drive by or walk through Congress Park, someone has put down a Lure Module (or several). It’s like the park is covered with virtual pink confetti!

Congress Park - Lure Modules

I almost crashed into a pole in Congress Park but looked up just in the nick of time. So please, do be careful as you walk and catch Pokemon. Ash never had these problems!

Be Courteous

But remember, if you’re catching Pokemon near a business, don’t linger. Or better yet, buy something. If you need to “go” while playing Pokemon Go, use one of many public restrooms. Some businesses aren’t so happy with the throngs of people crowding around their shops. But others are happy about it, like the Christmas Gift Shoppe just past Wilton Mall.

As you walk around in downtown Saratoga, you may hear people shouting from cars, “Pokemon Go!” or see small groups of people celebrating a sweet catch.

Last night I heard someone telling a younger trainer, “You have to be careful walking around by yourself at night. Although us (Pokemon) Trainers really out number the bad guys!”

Have you walked around Congress Park catching Pokemon? Where are your favorite Poke Stops in downtown Saratoga? Where do you go to find the coolest Pokemon? Help out your fellow Trainers and let us know in the comments below.