Editorial Policies

Mission and coverage priorities

Our mission is to empower gamers with accurate, straightforward guides for achieving your goals in games. We provide comprehensive, step-by-step walkthroughs using proven methods to accomplish specific gaming objectives. Our goal is to enable gamers to fully experience games by creating guides that are factual, methodical, and easy to follow.

Corrections Policy

Our goal is to deliver the most reliable and engaging coverage of gaming, pop culture, and entertainment. Though we strive for perfection, mistakes occasionally happen.

When we become aware of an error, our editors act swiftly to correct it. We will update the article with a clarification or correction, noting when the change was made.

If you notice an error that requires fixing, or believe we have not addressed a correction properly, please contact us. We welcome the feedback to improve our coverage.

Ethics Policy

Our writers are committed to transparent and ethical journalism. Before publication, they will disclose to their editor any conflicts of interest that may influence or appear to compromise the objectivity, fairness, or autonomy of their reporting.

Our writers will not exploit their position for personal benefit. They will ensure that business factors do not undermine the factual accuracy, impartiality, and independence of their work.


Our guides are composed through firsthand experience playing games, often using an iterative process of trial and error. On occasion, we may reference other guides or walkthroughs, providing attribution and links to the original sources where possible. When we use external content, we will credit the original sources and content creators. All images used will also have captions listing the original creator and publisher/distributor. The core of our guides comes from our own gameplay, ensuring we deliver the most accurate and up-to-date information to our readers. By properly citing sources, we aim to give credit where it is due. Our goal is to create guides that are factual, ethical, and useful for gamers.


Our site is independently owned and operated by anonymous gaming guides enthusiasts. We are not beholden to any particular gaming company, publisher, or platform. Our guides are not influenced by outside funding or sources—we maintain autonomy and direct access to games in order to provide factual walkthroughs. As fellow gamers creating content independently, our loyalty lies only with helping and informing our readers, rather than any external parties. Our ownership structure allows us to ensure the accuracy and usefulness of our guides. We fund operations through digital advertising and affiliate revenue, but this does not impact the veracity of our reporting. As an independently owned site, we are privileged to create guides that serve gamers first.


Our guides are created by gaming enthusiasts who wish to remain anonymous. While many outlets use bylines to attribute each article to an individual author, our writers are everyday gamers who create content out of passion rather than pursuit of fame. We believe that facts and integrity matter more than the identity behind each article. By maintaining author anonymity, our focus remains on providing factual, ethical guides to help fellow gamers accomplish their goals. Our commitment is to the gaming community rather than promoting individual personalities or writers. We hope our guides speak for themselves and that our anonymous authors’ knowledge and experience benefits our readers.

Actionable feedback

If you have questions, concerns or feedback about our coverage, please email us.