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How to Enjoy the Fall Activities in Downtown Saratoga

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The Saratoga Springs 2023 Fall Festival

Saratoga Springs comes alive with autumnal magic on October 21 from 12:00 Noon to 3:00 pm, as it plays host to the highly anticipated 2023 Saratoga Springs Fall Festival, nestled right in the heart of Downtown Saratoga Springs. It’s a fun-filled event for kids and kids-at-heart as every dresses in their favorite costumes as they journey through the downtown area.

Trick-or-Treat Extravaganza, Saratoga-Style!

Starting at Noon, downtown businesses open their doors for a fun-filled and family-friendly trick-or-treating adventure. As you stroll the picturesque streets of Saratoga Springs, anticipate an abundance of sweet treats and surprises at every door. This cherished tradition promises smiles and excitement. Best of all, it’s free, ensuring all families can partake in the festive fun.

Pumpkin Roll on Caroline Street

A perennial favoritre, no Saratoga Fall Festival is complete without the iconic pumpkin rolling down Caroline Street. Be witness the gourds’ not-so-graceful descent as people take turns rolling pumpkins down Caroline Street past – and sometimes rolling over – onlookers along the way. Kids rolling their pumpkins can pick up a prize when they get to the bottom of the hill at the intersection of Caroline and Maple Steets.

This annual tradition is quite a spectacle, creating unforgettable memories for everyone present.

Kid-Friendly Activities Galore

Kids are at the heart of the Saratoga Springs Fall Festival, and there’s no shortage of activities to keep them entertained. Kids can get their faces painted, or visit the petting zoo. Live music will adds to the party, infusing the festival with even more atmophere.

The Great Saratoga Pumpkin Hunt

The Great Saratoga Pumpkin Hunt kicks off on October 13th. Downtown Saratoga Springs transforms into a fun-sized, Halloween treasure hunt. Visit the shops and businesses and look for hidden pumpkins in the store windows along Broadway. The businesses provide clues and often have printable checklists to bring with you in your quest for these elusive gourds. Be sure to check back here for links and more information as soon as it is made available.

Parking Downtown for the Fall Festival

Saratoga Springs offers a variety of parking options in the downtown area. Before you go, check out our guide to free parking downtown. Saratoga offers complimentary parking garages and many two-hour free parking areas. Be sure to download our map of the parking downtown area (Web or print the PDF). With so many options, there’s bound to be a convenient place to make your festival visit as hasle-free as possible.