Which Areas go to Saratoga Springs City School District?

When we were thinking about moving to the Saratoga Springs area, finding the right school district was on the list of things to do. Saratoga Springs City School District covers a large geographic area but how can I tell where I can live and still be in the district?

On the district website, I found that the Saratoga Springs City School District is comprised of students from the “City of Saratoga Springs and the Saratoga County towns of Milton, Wilton, Malta, Greenfield, and Saratoga”.

Using Google, I found a Zoom in to see the outlines of the Saratoga Springs City School District. You can zoom into the map so you can see towns and even streets better.

Each town has its own website for more information. When we first lived in the Saratoga Area we were in the Town of Milton. When we moved to the City of Saratoga I needed to get a new dog license. Some of the towns offer leaf and yard debris pick up as a special added bonus to living there!

Greenfield, NY

The Town of Greenfield is a beautiful, rural area located to the northwest and west of downtown Saratoga Springs.

Milton, NY

town of milton
photo: Everyday Saratoga

The Town of Milton is located to the west of Saratoga Springs and touches both Saratoga and Ballston Spa. We rented a house in the Town of Milton when we first moved to Saratoga. Close to the High School and pretty close to downtown Saratoga.

Wilton, NY

The Town of Wilton is north and northeast of Saratoga Springs downtown area where you find the shopping mall. I visit the Wilton area frequently for shopping and restaurants, and last year going to the Middle School.

Malta, NY

And, the Town of Malta is to the south of Saratoga Springs. The students in Malta may go to Saratoga Springs City School District or Ballston Spa Central School District, depending on which area you are living.

All the different towns around Saratoga Springs offer different environments. So visit them all and see which is the best fit for you! Some areas are closer to downtown, some closer to shopping, some are more of a peaceful, natural place.

Be sure to check out the websites, especially the Frequently Asked Questions pages and calendars of events. If you live in one town you can still go to all the fun activities in the others!

Where do you live? Tell us about your neighborhood and area in the comments!

Thanks for reading! I hope it helps!  :o)