Saratoga Springs High School

Where to Park to Pick Up Your High School Kid at Saratoga Springs High

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20160201_120542I’m sitting in the Saratoga High School parking lot, in the minivan, on this chilly, rainy day waiting to pick up two adorable high school students. As the line of cars gets longer behind me, I am remembering about a year ago, when I was trying to learn how to pick up a student from high school parking lot at dismissal time.

It wasn’t easy. Did I ever get yelled at for being in the wrong place? Of COURSE!!

There are THREE places to wait:
The curve next to the black fence
The first row of the parking lot
The second row of the parking lot

BUT you have to make sure you go the correct DIRECTION!

If there is a line of cars all facing the same way, why, oh WHY, do people come up the line the WRONG WAY?

The high school parking lot pick up rules have already been established, I just needed to learn them and fit it with all the other waiting cars.

I need a map to show the correct flow of traffic. No one else needs to get in trouble with security!

HS Map - labeled

So, as you can see, the blue arrows are where you want to be and the direction you need to be going. Park on the right side of the lane. The students walk across on the crosswalk. As kids get into the cars, cars pull out by going into the left side, and all the cars move up.

Also, I have seen it where a car sees their student, hops into the left side, pulls up to the student, the student gets in and they continue on in the left lane to leave.

I just want to say THANK YOU to the friendly, helpful traffic director security dude! He is always happy, smiling, friendly and helpful. You rock!!

Thanks for reading! I hope it helps!  :o)