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I’m so glad you’re reading this, it means you are somehow connected to my new home, Saratoga Springs, NY!!

“Saratoga Springs…what a beautiful area!” That’s what everyone told me when I said we were moving to Saratoga Springs. And that was pretty much all the information they had to offer. So, on my own, with my hubby and 2 kids, I have been working on figuring out the Saratoga Springs area.

In September 2014 we uprooted our family of 4 and moved across the state from Rochester NY to Saratoga Springs NY.

We knew absolutely no one in the area, so I searched google for any information I could find about the area. I came across a few websites with information helpful to me, but that was it. We had to completely start over, from finding a pediatrician to a grocery store. I was able to find many tourist sites about Saratoga Springs but what about all these people living in Saratoga everyday?

What kinds of things do “the locals” know that I need to know? And where do I learn how to be “a local”?

I searched desperately to find information about parking in downtown Saratoga, doctors, dentists, gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants, oil change places, garbage companies, car parts stores…the list went on and on.

Shelly_Snowman_HatI wished there was a web site that talked about living in Saratoga Springs, not just about visiting or the track season.

So, here I am. I think I have a better handle on living here, but there are still many things I know nothing about. I hope that as I learn more about living in Saratoga Springs, sharing it will help other people not have the unknown that I had.

So let me ask the embarrassing questions. I’ll be the moron that does it all wrong. I’ll figure it out the hard way. All for you!!

Thanks for reading! I hope it helps!  :o)