Top 5 Best Places to Find Pokemon in the Saratoga Springs Area

Saratoga Springs is a hot spot for playing Pokemon Go! There are many awesome Pokemon sites in the Saratoga Area. There is an overwhelming amount of Poke Stops all down Broadway and in the State Parks.

I know, you are looking for the Pokemon! Here is a list of top five places in Saratoga to find the Pokemon you are looking for (in no particular order):

Congress Park

There are too many Pokestops in Congress Park to count and it’s not hard to find some with an active Lure. What does that mean? You are more likely to find cool Pokemon in the area around the Pokestop. Congress Park is a big, beautiful area with benches, memorials, springs, and of course, a carousel. So many Pokestops, so little time.

Magmar’s are known to hang out in the upper area of the park closer to Broadway.

Bellsprout - Congress Park
Bellsprout caught at the Deer Park Spring in Congress Park, Saratoga Springs.

Evee - WW Memorial - Congress Park
Evee at the World War Memorial Pavilion in Congress Park, Saratoga Springs.


Find the Ballet Shoes and Horses that live on the sidewalks of Broadway in downtown Saratoga Springs. In front of shops and restaurants, you will find wild Pokemon hanging out in Saratoga.

The Saratoga Springs Visitor Center right across from Congress Park is there to help out Trainers. There is a Pokestop right in front of the building and public restrooms available during business hours. Check out their FaceBook Page for more events coming up.

Great Escape in Lake George

This famous Saratoga Area amusement park is proud to present visitors with Poke Information. Inside the Great Escape there are 4 gyms and 15 Pokestops. The Great Escape has an informative web page with everything the Pokemon Trainer needs to know to enjoy a day at the park and a day of catching Pokemon.

Don’t go too far after the park has closed. Be sure to visit Martha’s Ice Cream which is right across the street where Trainer’s can awesome ice cream. Just be careful, the cone sizes are bigger than expected! You may still be able to grab the Pokestop near the front of the Great Escape Park.

Shelly Craver with newly caught Pikachu!
Shelly Craver with newly caught Pikachu!

Stewarts in Ballston Spa

On the corner of Ballston Ave/Double Day Ave and Northline Rd on the way into Ballston Spa is a known spot for catching Pokemon. I caught this awesome Pikachu in the bank parking lot across the street!

Lake George Outlets

Driving around the outlet centers in Lake George is a sure way to catch Pokemon. Be careful driving to the various outlets and watch for shoppers and other Trainers. After the stores close is safer and much less crowded.

The outlet malls and plazas span a good mile on Route 9 and include stores, restaurants, and gas stations throughout. So many places to look for Pokemon!

I have not ventured into the heart of Lake George searching for Pokemon, have you? Where are your favorite places in the Saratoga Area to find and catch Pokemon? Do you agree with this top 5? Let us know in the comments! Be sure post your pictures on our FaceBook page and let us know where you found our little friends!

Thanks for reading! I hope it helps! :o)

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