Electronics Recycling Day at SPAC 2020

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Get rid of the old electronics you have sitting around and even help a local Saratoga Non-Profit Organization. There is a recycling day on October 24th 2020, here in Saratoga!

October 24th 2020
9am – 12:00 noon
SPAC Parking lot

Sponsored by Sustainable Saratoga, which is an amazing group doing wonderful things right here in Saratoga Springs and the surrounding area.

So the recycling event with be $5 to enter the recycling areas at SPAC . Think of it as you are giving a $5 donation and getting in for free. All the funds they raise will be put toward their local projects and advocacy, so we don’t mind donating to them.

They are creating a drive thru for recycling, where you stop off at different places to drop off your different old, unusable items.

There is a complete list on the Sustainable Saratoga site and below are some highlights.

Monitor and TV Recycling

Monitors and TVs cost money to recycle. Yes, there are companies who will take them, take them apart and recycle whatever parts and pieces they can. But that all costs money.

What does that mean for us?

It will cost us all $20 each for monitor and TV recycling. As a non-profit, it wouldn’t be fair to have them pick up the cost for recycling TVs. If you don’t want to spend $20 per TV to recycle it, it’s ok. We have a few places that already recycle e-waste for free.

E-Waste Recycling / Electronics Recycling

This recycling day IS a great place to drop off all of your other electronics and this is FREE! Computers, DVD players, Game Systems, phones… They will also take kitchen appliances like coffee makers, toasters, and microwaves. And BIG things like washers and dryers.

I can’t wait to go and see all the cool stuff people with be bring to recycle!

Recycling Day: Everyone Welcome

There is no limitations on who can attend the recycling day at SPAC. You do not need to live in the area, everyone is welcome!

Come from far and wide to bring your e-waste / electronics recycling for all the corners of your home. With only a $5 entrance fee, it is so worth the cost and effort to Get Rid of Old, Dusty, Crusty, E-Waste!

More to Recycle

No need to stop at e-waste recycling. Recycling day at SPAC is for all sorts of items. And they don’t have to be destroyed or broken. Be sure to check out the list for all the different things you can recycle.

See you at SPAC on Saturday October 24th, 2020! We’ll be there! Goodbye piles of e-waste!

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