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Redeemable bottles and cans help landfills just store garbage.

Redeemable bottles and cans help landfills just store garbage.

It is important to return cans and bottles because it is a great way to keep them out of the landfills. And it helps that we can make a little money too. If you are like us, you wait to return your bottles until you have 12 garbage bags full taking up all the space in the garage.

So where do can you take all those bags bottles to return in the Saratoga Area?

There are a few options in the Saratoga area, some are easier than others.

Self Serve Machines are fun but not always quick. Once you deposit all your bottles, press the button for a slip to bring to registers to redeem.

Returns Self Serve Machines

Target, Walmart, Hannaford and Price Chopper/Market 32 have the machines where you put the returnables in and does the machine counting. Press the button to print your slip, take it inside and redeem for your cash. These stores usually redeem each other’s cans and bottles.

Price Chopper/Market 32 requires all bottle caps to be removed prior to returning.

Not all these stores return Aldi brands or off brands. They tend to only return what they sell and large competitors store brands. There is usually a recycling bin close by to throw the other brands into so they are still recycled, but you won’t earn your nickel.

Aldi returns their own bottles, but I’m not sure if they redeem other brands. I’ll check it out.


More Clynk bags can be purchased at Hannaford.

To return cans and bottles at Hannaford, use Clynk. Hannaford now uses a program called Clynk for can and bottle returns. I have not tried Clynk yet, but I read the website and can give you some information.

You create an account and get a free starter set of bags. At the kiosk you print labels with a barcode for your account. Then fill the bag with all your returnable cans and bottles, leaving enough room at the top to tie it off. You can only fill the special Clynk bags. Stick the label on your bag and head to the Hannaford near you with a clynk drop off.

My Hannaford has a great location set apart from the store to drop off Clynk bags. Scan your barcode to open the door, and throw the bag in. Done.

You can choose to donate the money or save it up. Pay for groceries or just take the cash out when ever you like. Just print a payment slip at the kiosk and bring it in to redeem. My son loved to handle all the cans and bottles for his chore and get the money from it. He could keep track of his cash on the website.

Keep track of your online account on

More Clynk bags can be purchased at Hannaford. These were found on an endcap, as of July 2016, $1.75 for 10. The cardboard boxes shown below the green boxes of bag, open to the perfect size for Clynk bags making collecting bottles and cans easier.


MT Returnables: No longer in Saratoga
All Brands, Quick and Easy – REMOVE ALL CAPS

MT Returnables, locally owned business that makes returning cans and bottle SUPER EASY!

The BEST place we found to return cans and bottles is MT Returnables on Adelphi Street. Unfortunately, they no longer have a location in Saratoga Springs. But if you are in Corinth or Queensbury, this is the place to go!

At MT Returnables you can redeem ALL BRANDS. This is super awesome for us because we drink a ton of water bottles from Aldi. Aldi bottles are tough to return as many places do not take them.

MT Returnables have no problem with Aldi brand or any brand! As long as your cans and bottles have the NY on it, they will take it.

TAKE OFF THE CAPS! After reading their website, we learned that all the caps MUST be off. Child #2 and I spent a half an hour in a parking lot near the center removing all the bottle caps.

We pulled up with all 12 garbage bags full of bottles, carried them into the building and dumped them onto the counter. The 2 employees counted the cans and bottles so quickly, we had over 620 plastic bottles, cans and glass bottles. They gave us cash and we walked out with over $32 within minutes of pulling in. So much easier and faster than feeding one bottle at a time into a machine!!

I highly recommend going to their site and checking them out. They are a locally owned business and site has great information about how to return cans and bottles and also has fun videos showing how fast they are at bottle sorting!

Where do you return your cans and bottles? Do you like the self-serve machines? Are you a Clynk user? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks for reading! I hope this helps!  :o)



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