How to Dispose of your Real Christmas Tree in the Saratoga Springs Area

Discarded Christmas tree on the side of the road Once Christmas has passed and New Year’s is over, it’s time to dispose of your real Christmas tree. There are multiple options in the Saratoga Springs area for discarding and recycling your Christmas tree. Here is a list of the places and information I have found so far. If you know of more, please let us know in the comments.

All real Christmas trees must be completely free from decorations, lights, and bases. Only REAL trees are being collected in the following information provided. Many times a special truck is used to collect the trees. Many of the places collecting the trees say that the trees will go to farms or community mulch, so please be vigilant on removing everything.

City and Town Collection:

City of Saratoga Springs Christmas Tree Disposal – Collect

  • Pick Up: Yes – if your leaves are picked up, your tree will be collected
  • Drop Off: NO
  • Address: leave your tree at your roadside
  • Cost: Free

Christmas tree left at street for collection

The easiest and most straight forward answer is for the residents of Saratoga Springs City. Just leave the tree out on the side of the road and the city will pick it up. A good way to know if the city will collect your tree, is that if the city picks up your leaves, they will pick up your Christmas tree for disposal. I could not find any information on their website or social media, so I called and spoke with the Highway Department, who gave me this information.

Town of Malta Christmas Tree Disposal – Drop Off

  • Pick Up: (only until January 8th)
  • Drop Off: Malta Town Complex
  • Address: 2540 Route 9 MaltaNY 12020
  • Place: Leave trees by the Highway Department Gate
  • Cost: Free

Malta Town Complex discard Christmas trees at gate

According to the Town of Malta website, Malta Town Highway Department will pick up Christmas trees left near the road until January 8th. After January 8th, please drop off your Christmas trees to the Highway Department and leave them next the gate, 2540 Route 9 MaltaNY 12020.

Town of Wilton Christmas Tree Disposal – Drop Off

  • Pick Up: NO
  • Drop off: Wilton Town Complex
  • Address: 22 Traver Road, Gansevoort, NY 12831
  • Place: Leave trees by the Dumpster
  • Cost: Free

Town of Wilton does NOT collect Christmas trees. You can bring your Christmas tree to the Wilton Town Complex at 22 Traver Road Gansevoort, NY 12831, please leave trees by the dumpster and they will turn them into mulch.

Trash and Recycling Services Collection:

County Waste & Recycling – Collecting in Some Areas

  • Pick Up: Scheduled dates for specific communities
  • Clifton Park All Residents (even non customers)
  • Halfmoon Customers only
  • Wilton Customers only
  • Place: Leave trees at the street
  • Cost: Free

County waste lives up to it’s name with free Christmas tree collection for all residents in some areas. They have an entire schedule easily found on their website including for areas than listed above. Each area has a specific day or days that Christmas trees will be collected, so be sure to check their schedule. If you are not listed on their schedule but are still a County Waste customer, they can still pick up your tree for a fee, and ask customers to contact them.

Twin Bridges Waste & Recycling – Call First

  • Pick Up: Twin Bridges Customers ONLY
  • Call ahead to Schedule special truck
  • 518-267-3400
  • Cost: Free

Because there was nothing on their website or on social media, I called Twin Bridges Garbage Services. They said Twin Bridges will gather up trees on all their routes, but they need to bring a special tree truck in order to pick up the Christmas trees. So give them a call at 518-267-3400 to let them know you have a tree, put it out by the road and they will bring the tree truck to pick it up.

Casella Waste Systems – NO

  • Pick Up: NO

I spoke with Casella Trash Services on the phone and learned that they do NOT collect Christmas trees.

Saratoga County Transfer Station – NO

I called the Saratoga County Transfer Station on Weibel Rd in Wilton does NOT take Christmas Trees.

Need to know where to buy real Christmas trees in our area? Check out this page with all the local tree farms.

Thanks for reading! I hope this helps! :o)