Bow Tie Cinema Popcorn bucket with cover for sharing

Bow Tie Movie Theater in Saratoga Springs Open

Bow Tie Cinema Criterion Closed for Coronavirus

Criterion Cinemas 11 & BTX / Bow Tie Cinema is open again as of December 18th 2020. They have focused on safely enabling people to get back to watching movies in the theater!

UPDATE: The Saratoga Springs Bow Tie Cinemas on Railroad Avenue was sold to AMC in early 2022 and is now AMC Saratoga Springs 11.

In order to open, Bow Tie Cinema has some big changes and new policies in effect. You may already be familiar with their reserved seating for some of the movies. Now, all movies with have reserve seating. Buy your tickets on the Bow Tie app or on their website. Contactless ticket purchasing is HIGHLY recommended instead of waiting until you get there. However, they have improved their app and kiosks in the lobby. for easier and safer use.

Don’t Forget the Popcorn

Popcorn! Of course, Bow Tie Cinema will be serving it’s awesome popcorn in it’s awesome popcorn bucket. Here’s an article I wrote about my first ever experience with a Bow Tie Cinema and my love of the popcorn bucket. You can order your concessions right on the app and pick them up at the counter. Quicker and safer – count me in!

According to a press release by Bow Tie Cinema, each theater will allow for only 25% of its seating capacity and movie goers will sit in alternating seats with one empty seat on either side. The seats will be cleaned and sanitized between movies. Families and friends will sit together but all the different parties will be staggered around the theater in order to keep a safe distance apart.

Speaking of parties, Bow Tie Cinema offers private movie party rentals for you and up to 20 guests. Have you ever wanted to rent out an entire movie theater for a party? Bow Tie Cinema heard your wishes! These parties start at $100 and click here for more information about how to schedule a party and choose movies and dates for your movie going get together.

Photograph by Courtesy of Warner Bros. Inc.

The National Association of Theatre Owners developed a program to make seeing a movie safer for everyone. The Cinema Safe has been established in other theaters in the US with NO coronavirus cases spread through movie going! Check out the link, they are a great video explaining the program.

Masks at the Movies Can Be Fun

WEAR YOUR MASK! This is a great opportunity to get your personality shining while wearing your mask. You know that funny mask you can’t wear to work, here’s the time! Do you have a mask themed to the movie, like Wonder Woman? Wear it now! Masks will be required the entire time you are at the Bow Tie Cinema with the ONLY exception when you are eating or drinking.

Here is a great video with executives from Bow Tie Cinemas summarizing some of the new things Bow Tie is doing to make movie going safe. Look for distancing labels and floor stickers, and especially about the new cleaning procedures put in place.

I can’t wait to get back to the movies! I’ll see you there!

Thanks for reading! I hope this helps! :o)