Fort Ticonderoga detailed canon

A Day Visit to Fort Ticonderoga

Fort Ticonderoga Fife and Drum Corps reenactment

If you are looking for something to do in the Saratoga Springs area the historic Fort Ticonderoga is only about and hour and half from Saratoga Springs.

The Fort has been renovated based on pictures to resemble the Fort built in the late 1750’s by the French.

The living museum is a wonderful asset as knowledgeable and skilled men and women speak to you about the Fort and the way of life. The actors portray their roles so knowledgeably while they talk about their trade, their lifestyle and answer questions. You really are immersed into the culture.

Fort Ticonderoga cannons display

We chose a special weekend for our visit, “THE ENEMY ATTACKED US AT DAYBREAK” BROWN’S RAID WEEKEND LIVING HISTORY EVENT. A full day of activities, lectures, displays, music, and cannon fire made for a fun and educational experience. They have different programs through their season so be sure to check out the calendar to see what would be fun for you and your family.

People dressed in 1750s clothes reenacting at Fort Ticonderoga

There are buildings where actors are performing day to day activities of the time period. You can wander through the museums full of artifacts and information. There is a wonderful hands area in the Mars Education Center where kids of all ages can try their skills.

There are snacks and drinks at the Museum Store inside the Log House Welcome Center, as well as the Fort Cafe, a sit down restaurant. The store has tons of awesome memorabilia including maps, books, puzzles, action figures, t-shirts and of course play guns and more.

Fort Ticonderoga soldiers reenacting loading a cannon

There are public bathrooms in both the Museum Store and the Mars Education Center. There is an elevator in the Mars Education Center. There are stairs to get up to the second level of the fort. The upper level is where the actors shot the cannon and where much of the museum artifacts are housed. I did not see an elevator for the main building.

The Fort is open from early May to late October. Be sure to look at the videos they have on their web site, they are fantastic! People have worked very hard to share our history and did a professional job with educational videos.

Plan your visit to Fort Ticonderoga to go back to the Revolutionary War. Learn more about our history, the weapons used, and the lifestyle these men and women had. Listen to exciting accounts of what happened so long ago.

Have you been to Fort Ticonderoga? Did you go for a special event? Share your stories and thoughts about Fort Ticonderoga in the comments.

Thanks for reading.  I hope it helps!  :o)