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Smashed glass monitor laying on groundFinding a place to recycle unwanted electronics, e-waste, in Saratoga County is really difficult! Luckily, I did all the searching and calling for you!! After moving, twice in less than a year, I have really started to appreciate the idea of having less stuff.

Why did we move a bunch of old electronics stuff? Old CD disc changers, VCR’s, old speakers, broken Ryobi drill batteries and chargers, an old fashioned tv? Enough! Let’s get rid of this unwanted, dirty, yucky old stuff. Throwing it away in the garbage bin would be easy, but not good for the environment. As I tell the kids, Wall-E would cry.

(I know, Wall-E is a robot and robots do not cry, not to mention the whole fictional character thing. But that movie affected me.) 

Saratoga Recycles Day 2021

E-waste recycling, electronics recycling, and lots of other recycling at the SARATOGA RECYCLES DAY AT SPAC. Don’t miss your chance to get rid of your unwanted electronics as well as boots, coats, glasses, hearing aids, appliances, painting supplies and more!

Click here for information about Saratoga Recycles Day including everything you can bring from e-waste and electronics recycling, to clothing, household textiles, and more!

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I need to find places for Recycling E-Waste!

Update 8/12/2020

So much has changed since I first wrote this post! Links to other sites with information no longer go to where I intended them to go. Some of the businesses I initially wrote about no longer take e-waste or don’t even exist anymore. So where are we now?

I started with a call to County Waste. It’s our garbage company, they are proud of their single stream recycling.

Nope. They do not recycle electronics or any e-waste and do not have any idea who does. Ok. Thanks for not being helpful.

To Google!

I Googled electronics recycling 12866 and recycle e-waste 12866. I found an AWESOME looking company named All Green Recycling. Supposedly right here in Saratoga Springs, click to schedule your pickup…it seems to be some sort of SPAM site. The locations are in places like Texas and California, New York City. No drop off location for 200 miles. Ugh. Why do they do that? Ugh. Thanks for not helping.

Here’s a great pdf with information about recycling centers in Saratoga County. There are 5 different locations to drop off your stuff. I stopped into the one in Wilton on the same street as Hannaford and Kohls. BUT, they do NOT do electronics recycling. NO E-Waste Recycling available at these places.

The very nice man there suggested Best Buy.

Take me to Best Buy…

Best Buy is right in Wilton across the street from the mall. I pulled up to the front door with a trunk full of electronics junk. They only take 3 e-waste items per person per day. UGH!!! (but at least it’s free).

I brought in 3 things and hubby brought in 3. We pretended not to know each other. It was fun. We smiled at each other but didn’t talk.

6 things gone but didn’t make a dent in the trunk full. Sigh.

I checked the Best Buy website for all the locations in the area. There is only ONE, Wilton, across from the Mall. I guess we are pretty lucky to have one close by.

See the map above or here is the address for your GPS:
3062 Route 50, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
(518) 583-1785

Back to searching…

eWaste Alliance Network states they have over 300 drop off locations. I searched Saratoga County and voila! 6 locations come up! Each e-waste recycling listing is clickable and gives the address, hours they accept items, and phone number to call to check for what items they take. They do not include the website for the businesses or locations.

I searched Google for the websites and I ASSUMED each would list the items they take. It makes sense to reduce the number of phone calls they have to take listing the e-waste items they will recycle. Can you believe that out of the 6 places listed in Saratoga County, only 2 listed the items they are willing to take? And that was even hard to find on their websites.

So I did the searching and calling for you! Here’s what I found:

Electronics / E-Waste Recycling in Saratoga County


Town of Corinth Landfill – FREE E-WASTE RECYCLING

For the update, I struggled to find information for the landfill in the town of Corinth. The Landfill in the Town of Corinth takes care of e-waste recycling for FREE!  If you are dropping off e-waste, you do not need to prove your residency, only if you are dropping off garbage.

8 am – 4pm Tuesday – Saturday
129 Heath Road, Corinth, NY 12822

The page on the E-Waste website has lots of good information, that I called and verified for you. INCORRECT: the phone number to call is 518-654-8155. The man on the phone explained that everything is FREE TO DROP OFF to the electronics shed except OLD TVs. *NO TVs*


Wellspring Community Outreach is located at 480 Broadway, LL-20, Saratoga Springs. They have a wish list of items they need, so check it out in case you have these items to give as well. They are happy to receive used (and new) cell phones and cell phone chargers. So the next time you change phones and the new one has a different charger, give it to Wellspring. You are helping them, of course, but it’s also FREE E-Waste recycling for you!


You must be a resident of Clifton Park to use. Here is some helpful information about why only some items can be recycled for free and why they need to charge for other items.
From their site, a great list of the e-waste items they accept and which have a fee.
*Must have a permit. Permits can be purchased at the transfer station with proof of residency/ownership of property.


Queensbury transfer station will take all sorts of e-waste. They charge a fee based on the weight you bring. Queensbury has 2 transfer stations ready to take electronics recycling, with 2 locations.

1396 Ridge Road, Queensbury

64 Luzerne Road, Queensbury

Click the link above for hours and directions. They have a convenient list of electronics they recycle and the tiny fees for the service. Similar to the other e-recycling places, the TVs cost more.


It’s a long drive to Glenmont, and if you’re willing to get there, eLot Recycling is a great place bring E-Waste. They take twisty light bulbs which are really hard to recycle! Always looking for a place to recycle batteries, and of course, Electronics Recycling. They don’t list any prices on their site, but we know there is a cost for TV’s, thank you Duane! 50 cents per pound for the TV, but they have no restriction on the size.


Staples in the Target Plaza in Wilton offers Electronics Recycling. Rocking it Staples! Staples will take almost everything and some of your things may even be eligible for Staples Cash. I’ve been recycling printer ink for years, but they recycle so much more.


Click here to go to the Staples Recycling page. They mention free e-waste recycling, which is great. However, as of the date of this update they have suspended their e-waste recycling program for now. We’ll keep checking.

Let’s review:

Saratoga County Electronics Recycling:

  • FREE: Town of Corinth Landfill
  • FREE: Town of Clifton Park Transfer Station (residency required)
  • FREE: Wellspring, Saratoga – Cell Phones and Chargers
  • Retail locations: Staples, and Best Buy – but things have changed (AUG 2020)
  • COST: Town of Queensbury

If dropping off at Staples or Best Buy, here is a limit to how much they can store prior to having it picked up. So we all have to recycle a little at a time.

If you know of any other places or have been to these places, please let us know in the comments!

Thanks for reading! I hope it helps!  :o)



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