The DMV Wasn’t Ready for Us

I brought my lovely, newly turned 16-year-old child #1 to the Wilton DMV yesterday afternoon to take her driving permit test. We had the application all filled out, her passport and her social security card. She did practice tests and felt ready.

photo: Everyday Saratoga

photo: Everyday Saratoga

Hubby said the Wilton DMV is open until 6:00 so we had plenty of time to get there. Child #2 came along with us, there was talk about Friendly’s for dinner and ice cream if child #1 passed her test. We got there at 4:45. They didn’t look too busy inside, only a short line. But as we tried to walk in, we discovered all the doors were locked.

Huh. Right there on the door were the hours. Monday 8am – 4:45pm. Just missed it, like by seconds. But, come to find out, it didn’t matter. They have specific hours for taking the permit test and we missed that deadline by an hour.

photo: Everyday Saratoga

Permit times, Wilton DMV, photo: Everyday Saratoga

Crap. I looked at child #1, bracing myself for teenage hysteria. She calmly looked at the sign and said, “Can we still go to Friendly’s for dinner and ice cream?” Whoa! No hysteria! “We sure can,” I replied, thankful for no dramatic reaction to not getting to the DMV on time. Thank God for Friendly’s. (Which is a strange thing to say. The food is never that good, it’s expensive, the service is usually “meh”, but it makes kids happy, so it’s all worth it)

I kept the application, passport and social security card in the car visor so we won’t have to worry about forgetting that.

BEFORE YOU GO, be sure to check the times the Wilton DMV, or any of the others in Saratoga County, as they are open at different times on different days. Don’t risk a teenage tantrum or breakdown. I got lucky, I’m sure it will be a while before that happens again.

Have you been to the Wilton Mall DMV? What did you think? Have you taken the Permit Test? Has one of your children taken the test? What did you think? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks for reading! I hope it helps!  :o)

Driving Permit? Not Like it Used to Be…

2 one way

What you need to know before going to the DMV for your driving permit.

Child #1 turns 16 this weekend and she is ready to get her Driver’s Permit and start driving!!

Things have REALLY changed since I was 16. Don’t get me wrong, it was a long time ago, like 25 years ago. At the time, I was living in the Watertown New York area. Glen Park/Brownville to be exact.

It was a big deal to go down to the DMV before your 16th birthday to obtain the awesome cool booklet with everything you need to know to pass the written permit test. You carried it with you in school and studied it in lunch with all your friends. I remember it was a soft covered booklet with a white cover with road signs on it. I tried to find a picture of it on Google, but you’ll just have to use your imagination.

When your 16th birthday finally arrived your mom or dad brought you to the DMV right after school to take the written test and the eye exam. Then viola! you had your driver’s permit. It was printed on card stock paper but you weren’t allowed to laminate it. It carefully lived in your wallet, of course you took it out for everyone to see.

You begged your parents to take you out driving. You felt so cool sitting behind the wheel. You didn’t even care that your mom was in the front seat with you. You were on your way to freedom! You practiced your driving skills, 3 point turns and parallel parking, “blinker before break”. When you were an expert driver you scheduled your road test, about a month or 2 after getting your permit. The road test was terrifying. Where I took my road test, they failed almost everyone on the first try. So a week or two later, you came back to try again. Passed it!! The DMV took your picture, gave you a temporary license and you waited for your real license to arrive.

You did it! You are now a licensed driver, practically an adult! I turned 16 in June and had my license by August. And that was with one failed road test. Was I the most qualified driver on the road? Heck no!

So, now kids get their permit when they turn 16 but can not try the road test until they are 17. As a driver on the road, I’m glad for this rule. But if I was 16 right now, I’d be pissed! Luckily the current 16 year-olds don’t seem to mind. It is just how it is.

Let’s get this kid ready to drive.

Before You Go

Now everything is online. No cool manual to carry with you. You read the “manual” online and take a practice test. Or, more likely, you take the practice test to see how much you already know, then skim the manual on the things you got wrong.


photo: Everyday Saratoga

Here is the page on the NYS DMV website with all the information for getting the learner’s permit. You electronically fill out the application, print it and bring it with you. Pretty easy. I highly recommend you talk with your teen about organ donation. I am an organ donor so my daughter (child #1) chose to be too. She’s so sweet, “If I don’t need them anymore, someone can have them.”

Saratoga is not on the list for making a reservation for your visit, so don’t get your hopes up. In Saratoga County, there are 3 DMV locations. Ballston Spa, Clifton Park and Wilton Mall. Here’s a link to a page on the Saratoga County website with information for each location, including hours and directions. We’ll go to the Wilton Mall location. It’s around the side near the BonTon entrance, I’ve walked past it before on my way to The Shoe Dept store.


DMV for driving permit. photo: Everyday Saratoga

I have no clue on how much it’s going to cost and it wasn’t on the learner permit web page. I looked around the site and found the fees page. 
I found the costs of different things at the DMV on a different page and linked it here.
 It looks like the cost of a Class D Junior license is somewhere between $80 and $90.

Let’s Go

So, I will be bringing my beautiful 16-year-old daughter to DMV in Wilton on Monday afternoon. She will have her application in hand, passport or birth certificate and be ready to take the permit written test. I hope that is all we need to do! Good luck love-bug!

Have you been to the DMV in Clifton Park or Ballston Spa? Have you learned anything about he DMVs in the area that would help us all? Please share your stories and information in the comments.

Thanks for reading. I hope this helps!  :o)

I am Sharing my House with WHAT!?

photo from Wikipedia

photo from Wikipedia

You can rent what seems to be a lovely house. It’s loveliness only goes so far when you find out other living creatures think living there is lovely too.

When we first moved here we rented a house in Ballston Spa. It was a house, not an apartment or townhouse. The house was very large with 2,000 square feet. The bedrooms were huge, the layout of the house was spacious. It was painted beautifully with warm colors and beautiful moldings. It seemed like a wonderful place to rent and maybe an option to buy it.

Saratoga Excelsior Group made the process so easy since most of us were still living in the Rochester area, we did all the paperwork electronically.

All seemed to be going well until the problems started. Now, it’s REALLY hard to go from home owning to renting. Owning, you fix things as they break. You hire people or you fix it yourself. The lease stated no fixing things ourselves, so we waited.

I think ants were first. They were all over the kitchen. Or maybe it was the dishwasher wouldn’t close and slid around in it’s hole because it was not attached to the counter. Or maybe it was the microwave handle was glued on, so after a few pulls, it fell off. We had termites later on, that was fascinating. A cupboard full of mouse poop only took a few days to discover.

Going to the cupboard over the microwave to get a beggin’ strip for the puppy. I just bought them a few days ago and put them in our dedicated pet food cupboard, quite convenient. beggin strips

I lift the beggin’ strips and it weighs nothing. It’s EMPTY! It’s still sealed at the top but it’s EMPTY!
That’s strange. I look at the bag and find a hole in the bottom corner. All the bacon-y treats are gone and all that’s left in the bag is mouse poop.

Oh. My. God.

I grab a chair from the dining room and drag it to the stove. I hop up and peek into the cupboard. EEEEEEWWWWWW!

It’s covered with mouse poop. It’s everywhere. There’s some insulation hanging down where the exhaust pipe goes up, there is mouse poop in the insulation. Mouse poop all over the tops of the cans of cat and dog food.

This is going to need gloves and some strong, bleachy chemicals. As I climb down from the chair, I notice mouse poop on the stove top. GAG!

I start thinking. How many cans of cat and dog food have I grabbed from the cupboard? How many things have I cooked on the stove? How much mouse poop fell onto the stove when I was… no. I’m not going to even think about it.

I emptied the sink then put all the poopy stuff in the sink. Hot water and bathroom cleaner with bleach should do the trick. Gloves, a zillion paper towels and bathroom cleaner with bleach…to the cupboard.

But wait. A little voice in the back of my head says, ‘if you disturb their eating place they may not come back here and find a new place to hang out.’

“Good,” I tell the stupid voice who obviously is not in the part of my head that is gagging.

“If you want to kill them, you should make them want to come back to where you know they are.”

I hate it when the voice is right.

With the bleachy gloves and a paper towel, I push all the mouse poop away from the front of the cupboard. No poop to fall in our food (Gaggy-gag).

photo found on Flickr

photo found on Flickr

I go to the Dollar Store in Saratoga, the same plaza as Price Chopper, on Ballston Ave, and buy those good old wooden, spring-loaded mouse traps. After googling what to do, I put some peanut butter on it, set two traps and put them in the gross-tastic cupboard.

The next morning, I climb on the chair and look in the cupboard expecting to find two corpses. NONE.

You have got to be kidding me.

Well, I’m not messing around. I go to ACE Hardware store in Ballston Spa, the Hannaford plaza. I look at the choices. I buy a two-pack of Ortho Home Defense Max (pic coming soon).

Instead of peanut butter, I put what these mice love to snack, BEGGIN’ STRIPS! I imagine two mice sitting on a pile of Beggin’ Strips, gorging themselves, with big tummies and big smiles. Like what Tom & Jerry looked when they ate too much.

Bait and place two. That cupboard is nasty.

It was hard to wait. The next morning, two traps, FULL!! Two nasty critters dead!

Back to ACE for another two-pack. Repeated the procedure and 1 more caught! Thank you ORTHO mouse trap killing experts. Because of you we are mouse free.

Now to clean out that cupboard. Gloves and bleachy bathroom cleaner…

Have you had experiences with mice or other critters in your house? How did you handle it? What did you use? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks for reading! I hope it helps!  :o)